CU&T train UOI-229 a loaded crude oil train coming into Downtown Easton, PA. lead by SD70ACE 774 in the New Haven heritage and the Lehigh New England heritage unit trailing.

News for May 2017.

CRUDE! The Cumberland Utica & Toledo Railway April report shows that shipments of Marcellus Region Crude Oil are up for the 18th consecutive month as now 2 companies are in full production. The Standard Oil Co and Marcellus Gas & Oil Co. are now completed phase 1 of their collection and filling stations and are rapidly shipping marcellus crude to refineries in north Jersey. The Bayway Refinery is now exploring options for a second crude unloading rack as their current plant is now overwhelmed with all of the sweet marcellus crude coming east.

The CU&T now has the following scheduled trains


UOI-200 Scranton to Bayway Loads
UOI-201 Bayway to Scranton Empty
UOI-202 Mauch Chunk to Bayway Loads
UOI-203 Bayway to Mauch Chunk Empty
UOI-204 WVW to Bayway Loads
UOI-205 Bayway to WVW Empty
UOI-206 Scranton to TS Cincinnati Loads
UOI-207 TS Cincinnati to Scranton
UOI-208 Scranton to GARD Loads
UOI-209 GARD to Scranton Empty
UOI-210 Scranton to MS Loads
UOI-211 MS to Scranton Empty
UOI-212 Scranton to LVSR Allentown
UOI-213 LVSR Allentown to Scranton
UOI-214 Scranton to DVE Reybold
UOI-215 DVE Reybold to Scranton


UOI-220 East Mahanoy to Bayway Loads
UOI-221 Bayway to East Mahanoy empty
UOI-222 Tamaqua to Bayway Loads
UOI-223 Bayway to Tamaqua empty
UOI-224 Wilkes Barre to Bayway Loads
UOI-225 Bayway to Wilkes Barre empty
UOI-226 WVW Hudson to Bayway Loads
UOI-227 Bayway to WVW Hudson Empty
UOI-228 CLE to Bayway Loads
UOI-229 Bayway to CLE Empty
UOI-230 Wilkes Barre to Reybold DVE
UOI-231 DVE Reybold to Wilkes Barre
UOI-232 LVSR Allentown to Bayway Loads
UOI-233 Bayway to LVSR Allentown Empty

This is the current schedule of crude trains. Additional trains can be added as service expands. Extra trains will run under the XOI prefix.
 There are talks underway for unit ethanol coming off of the Midland Southern for refinement at the Bayway, Tremley Point, and Motiva refineries on the Chemical coast. The expected train symbols will use the UET prefix. No further information is available concerning ethanol trains at this time.

News for December 2015.

The Cumberland Utica & Toledo Railway has worked out a preliminary interchange agreement with the Syracuse Binghamton & New York Midland Holding Corp owner of  both the Syracuse Binghamton & New York Railway and the Midland Southern Railway to take place at the CU&T Hagerstown Yard in Maryland Interchange  of aggregates loaded at various Vulcan Materials Co sites will be handed off to CU&T crews and power swapped   to continue the trip north to the Hoffa Cement plant located in Communipaw NJ, and points north of Binghamton NY. CU&T is already hauling aggregate from the Greenwood Mining and Materials Corp along with the Hewitt Hasenclever Mining Co out of various northern jersey  facilities.

The agreement is that SBNY trains will interchange their MS traffic at Binghamton and travel CU&T under symbol BHMS. MS trains will interchange their traffic at Hagerstown and travel via symbol HGSB. 
In addition the loaded aggregate trains from MS will travel Hagerstown to Communipaw twice weekly  under symbol UMA-300/301.MS will operate aggregate trains to SBNY via CU&T for interchange at Binghamton NY under symbol UMA-350/351.

CU&T, MS, and SBNY are excited to be able to provide the north east with  seamless customer focused service.

CU&T is excited to announce shipments of Marcellus Region Crude are up 4.2% as the Marcellus Gas and Oil Co have expanded drilling  in the region. Shipments of frac sand have nearly quadrupled causing a shortage of cars. In return the CU&T has purchased a large lot of trinity built 3281 covered hoppers to accommodate the surge in traffic. These cars are dual service capable and can be used in cement service  if needed.