The CU&T (AAR reporting mark CUT) exists based on a fundamental standard of key principles: Safety, Efficiency, Reliability, Focus. We offer a wide range of freight cars capable of hauling almost any type of freight. Being an ISO 9001-compliant company means we live by the slogan "SAFETY NEVER TAKES A BREAK." The CU&T offers flexible logistics solutions and is a leader in on-time performance.

The CU&T is proud to have the Van Dam Shops as its central locomotive maintenance and overhaul facility. Our highly-trained mechanical forces specialize in complete engine overhauls, wreck repairs, and rebuilds. As a working partner with EMD, GE, and NRE, we can ensure peak performance of our well-maintained equipment.

The Cumberland, Utica & Toledo Rail Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRC) is the CU&T's parent company, and has several additional subsidiaries including the Totowa, Wanaque & Towaco Railroad (TWAT), EDLX, MJLX, WALX, CJLX and JACX. The CU&T also has a locomotive lease partnership with EDLX.

The CU&T is a proud member of the Dirty Word Rail Net (DWRN) and maintains working relations with the Suffern-Hoboken Interstate Transfer (SHIT), the Fanwood, Union & Central Kenilworth (FUCK), and the Atlantic South Shore (ASS).

The CU&T operates a food grade transload facility utilizing our proprietary FLOTRANS technology. The facility is currently leased by Jennings Transit.

in 2017 CU&T formed a partnership with the Georgia Road to operate the Cincinnati & Lake Erie Rwy  as a shared asset.